We are known as, “The Better Business Bureau in the carnival industry” and have successfully consulted clients on over 3,000 carnival deals and counting.

Our carnival consulting arm generates millions of dollars in ancillary income for our property, non-profit, community, charity and retail partners annually. We specialize in brokering amusement contracts with approximately 200 carnivals on behalf of the largest property developers, managers, retailers, festivals, fairs and churches nationwide.

Our team is dedicated to making sure that each and every carnival event provides a successful partnership between the property, carnival and the community.


We specialize in brokering income deals for your vacant parking lots and creating special promotions that increase sales, drive foot traffic and enhance customer loyalty.  Our three-pronged approach puts bodies on the property, into the stores and offers a great event and experience for the community you serve.  Let us sell your property to these operators and put money in your pocket for utilizing vacant space this year.


Our team works with your committee to maximize the carnival revenue for your function. Our process involves pitching your event to all of the qualified operators in the area, negotiating the best deal and then working with you from setup through teardown to ensure a perfect experience.  We can help enhance the carnival offering, layout, revenue and intangibles.