We manage outdoor events from the top down as well as provide solutions for everything in-between. No item is too small for our attention to that detail.

Our experts work with clients to both increase income and decrease expenses with the goal of strengthening the overall financial health of the event, festival, fair, or fundraiser.

The team works with carnivals, music and food festivals, community fairs, churches, malls, shopping centers, service organizations and a host of non-profits to help them become more profitable.


Is your event in financial trouble? Our team will run an assessment on your event to determine if you are maximizing the income opportunities via the carnival vendors, sponsors, alcohol, merchandising, etc.

We then create and execute a comprehensive strategy to generate additional revenue that bolsters the bottom-line.


Event Management


 Cutting expenses is often the most overlooked and underutilized approach to increase your profitability. Our team uses dozens of years of experience to leverage national relationships and accounts to broker the largest discounts on every line item.

There is no risk in having us look through your budget to determine how much we can save and in what categories. If we are unable to cut unnecessary expenses, you don’t pay for our services.

Event Management

 Contact us today to run an analysis on your event to see how we can leverage the carnival, the vendors, the sponsors and community partners to make it more successful in the future.

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